During your first consultation, which is likely to take up to an hour and a half, I will ask you to tell me all about yourself, not only about your symptoms and how you experience them, but about what it is that makes you the individual you are. This is because the remedy that I prescribe will reflect all of you – not just your physical symptoms, but your mental and emotional responses too.

Any information you can supply about your past medical history, and that of your family, will also be useful in assessing your case. Please tell me about any drugs or supplements which have been prescribed to you by your doctor, or that you take regularly. You should not discontinue any prescribed medication without first consulting your doctor.

Consultations can be conducted using Skype. 

Homeopathic remedies will not produce side-effects, and you cannot become addicted to them.

The interval between appointments varies from case to case, but follow-up appointments are usually monthly and last for about 45 minutes for adults, 30 minutes for children.

Wherever possible I like to work alongside any other health care professionals you may have, as I believe this provides you with the best individual care. You should never stop taking any medicine that has been prescribed to you without first consulting your GP or consultant.

The length of your treatment will largely depend on the nature of your illness, how long you have had it, and on other individual characteristics of your case.